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In the contemporary globalized market there is an increasing need to use the best strategies to efficient and economize the resources available in each company.


The companies nowadays are searching for the best options to optimize their operations; one of those options is to use professional foreign qualified services to perform different task and functions which mean an additional financial burden and recruitment if those labors are done in their country with their personnel.


Mexico holds an strategic position; First, its localization and trade treaties made Mexico an strategically country; Second, Mexico has qualified personnel in different areas with excellent proficiency in different languages and a cultural globalized knowledge; and last, the currency disparity of the peso with developed countries allows that the services that Mexican people offers worldwide means a decrease in costs compared with local personnel with the same quality.


In Genio  is a Mexican Creative Studio specialized in the industrial sector with 5 years of experience and the support of the head company Editorial Castelum, S. de R.L. de C.V. (www.editorialcastelum.com). Besides offering the best service in the Mexican market, In Genio has two products tailored for worldwide companies:


  • Virtual Graphic Designer: with one annual fee your company will have the services of a Graphic Designer at their disposal with assistance in English.
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Market Research: Ad Hoc market research in Mexico for those companies that want to make business in the Mexican market.